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Dental Anxiety

Few people look forward to the dental chair, but for some, that apprehension can turn in to full blown dental anxiety.  This fear can stem from many things,such as the sound of the equipment, smell of the office, and anticipation of the treatment. Whatever the reason for dental anxiety, this fear causes many Americans to delay dental care– indefinitely. Though common, dental anxiety can be successfully managed so patients at Castleberry Dental in Cumming, Georgia can get the care they need, before avoiding care leads to additional oral health issues.


What Causes Dental Anxiety?

There are many different reasons people are fearful of going to the dentist. Sometimes, it’s a previous experience, the sound of the tools, or simply the fear of local anesthetic. There are lots of unfamiliar tools, sounds and smells in the dentist office and all of those elements can make some feel some extreme apprehension. Technically, it’s called dentophobia or odontophobia and you don’t have to have any particular dental trauma in your past to currently experience it.


Signs of dental anxiety include:

Trouble sleeping the night or nights before a scheduled dental appointment

Crying or feeling ill at the thought of visiting the dentist

Uneasiness when objects are placed near your mouth

Feeling as if it’s difficult to breathe when you get in the dentist chair

Feeling helpless and out of control when in the dental chair


Overcoming Dental Fear

Patients that experience dental anxiety need to know that there are ways to manage that fear, and make going to the dentist a lot more comfortable, if not stress-free.


These tips and techniques are effective in reducing the anxiety associated with going to the dental office.

Find a dentist at Castleberry Dental that specializes in dealing with fearful patients. Remember, dentists are healthcare professionals that have training in dealing with patients that have anxiety.

Talk to your dentist about your fears prior to your visit. The dentist will discuss options such as medication, to help you manage your visit.

Understand that dentistry is more sophisticated and comfortable than ever. Many patients envision scenes from westerns when they think of dentistry. Today, treatment is safe, fast, and in many cases nearly pain-free.

Use relaxation techniques to help calm your nerves. Practice deep breathing or envision yourself on a beautiful beach.

If the sound of drilling or suctioning makes you feel tense, listen to your favorite music to drown out the sound.

Avoid caffeine or other stimulants the day before and day of the appointment.

Avoid sugary foods that provide temporary energy. Instead, eat protein rich foods that produce a calming effect.

Have friend or family go with you.

Get to know the dentist before you appointment so you already feel comfortable. Try following them on social media or giving them a call. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know.


These positive techniques work wonders. Give them a try for your next visit at Castleberry Dental in Cumming, Georgia.

Veneers Dentist in Cumming, Georgia

The main concerns for any dental patient are having a great smile, and achieving that smile in a way that provides the most long-term value. Many dental products and procedures improve smiles, but of all modern cosmetic procedures none are more life changing than dental veneers. At Castleberry Dental in Cumming, computer assisted technologies and brilliant materials provide aesthetic results that are lasting, making veneers one of the most economical options in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental veneers are a super thin, tooth colored porcelain shell made to fit over the tooth to improve the appearance of a smile. The tooth-like material is custom-made to fit each tooth and then bonded, becoming the new surface. Veneers are routinely used to fix common problems such as discoloration, chips, gaps, and crooked or worn teeth.

Once a dental patient decides to improve their smile, they are faced with many choices. When it comes to dental work, there are always numerous options– which can be exciting and perplexing at the same time. One of the most common reasons patients choose veneers is that they solve a number of problems in one simple procedure. Braces, bonding, and whitening are three procedures used to straighten, fill in chips, and brighten teeth, for example, each requiring time and expense. Veneers can achieve the same cosmetic results in one procedure and can cover almost any imperfection.

Veneers are also a preferable choice for their comfort, durability, and permanence. Veneers are a great alternative for patients with crooked teeth that do not want to spend years in braces or dealing with the irritations they cause, or have chips but want a more permanent natural looking solution. Once veneers are applied they become the new surface. They look and feel like the natural tooth and do not irritate the gums. Once in place and given proper care, veneers can last last indefinitely. Because of the material, they are also highly resistant to chipping and staining which ensures that your smile stays as good as new.

While not every patient is a candidate for dental veneers, for those that are, veneers present a very cost effective treatment alternative. When comparing the over-all cost of veneers versus the over-all cost of the procedure alternatives, veneers are very competitively priced. When you add in the long-term durability and cosmetic results, it’s clear why so many prefer veneers over other cosmetic dental procedures.  

Contact us at Castleberry Dental in Cumming, GA now to learn more.

Cosmetic Dentist in Cumming, GA

Whether you want subtle or extreme changes, our team at Castleberry Dental can enhance your smile in a variety of ways through cosmetic dentistry. Through cosmetic dentistry, your teeth can be re-shaped, brightened, bonded and more. Dr. Kiyani uses a wide range of tools to perform a variety of procedures. The following is a list of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry:

  1.       Bleaching – Whether your teeth are stained or you just want a brighter smile, bleaching is a very common procedure that can whiten your teeth in a short amount of time. Dr. Kiyani measures the correct amount of whitening solution into a mouthpiece tray to ensure you aren’t getting more chemicals than necessary. In-office teeth whitening gives faster results and often is completed in 1-2 visits.
  2.       Bonding – Bonding is used when your teeth are gapped, chipped, or cracked. Dr. Kiyani applies an etching solution and tooth-colored materials directly to the problem area of your tooth. Bonding is done in one visit and can last several years.
  3.       Veneers – Veneers are tooth-colored shells of porcelain that are cemented into your teeth. They are meant to reflect the properties of your natural teeth. They can fix discolored, worn down, chipped, misaligned, irregularly shaped and gapped teeth. Once your custom veneers are ready, our team at Castleberry Dental will do a trial-run and temporarily place them on your teeth to inspect it’s fit and color. Once they are applied with special cement, we will shine a light beam on them to activate the cement and cause it to harden at an accelerated rate. Veneers greatly improve your appearance and look almost exactly like a natural tooth.
  4.       Crowns –  Crowns are caps for your teeth that are used to restore the shape of the tooth and improve it’s appearance. Crowns are usually needed for teeth that have decayed, broken or severely discolored. If properly taken care of, crowns can last for years.
  5.       Implants – Dental implants replace your missing teeth by replacing your natural roots. They are made of titanium and aren’t visible after the surgery is completed. Dr. Kiyani specializes in surgically placing the implant into your jawbone. It can take up to several months for the titanium implant to attach to permanently attach to the bone, but once it does, the replacement tooth is applied to the implant.

Here at Castleberry Dental, we would be happy to discuss which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you. Call 770-888-8834to schedule an appointment or set yours up online.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals are one of the most commonly practiced dental procedures in the world. Unfortunately, root canals are described as one of the most painful dental therapies and has a reputation of being excruciating. But in reality it isn’t any more painful than getting your filling done. The patient might experience high levels of discomfort prior to the procedure but heals completely after the therapy.

Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal, or endodontic treatment. Learn more about how root canal treatment can relieve your tooth pain and save your smile at Castleberry Dental in Cumming, Georgia.

Our team at Castleberry Dental is committed to our patients and believes that they deserve the best dental experience. Call today to schedule your appointment online!

Sleep Apnea & Oral Appliances

Between 18 and 20 million people in the US suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Apnea is the obstruction of breathing which occurs when the tissues in the upper airway come too close together during sleep, temporarily blocking the inflow of air. Until very recently, only the most severe cases were able to be detected and diagnosed, and non-surgical treatment was limited to the CPAP, an air pressure device worn as a mask during sleep. This left those with mild to moderate apnea, if diagnosed, with the most inconvenient and expensive option in treatment.

Oral Appliances are an Effective Alternative

While the CPAP is the most familiar treatment, it is not the only treatment available for eliminating or reducing the interrupted breathing caused by sleep apnea. In many patients, oral appliance therapy (OAT) is an effective alternative.  Oral appliance therapy refers to the use of a specially made dental appliance worn to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. Dentists trained in sleep medicine make the devices, and fit them specifically to each patient. Oral appliance therapy is more appealing and affordable than other therapies, and also well-tolerated by a larger group of sleep apnea patients.

How Do Oral Appliances Work? 

After an initial evaluation by a dentist, technicians create the oral appliance specific to the patient’s mouth and indications. The device helps reposition the lower jaw forward during sleep, creating an open airway and helping prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues of the throat.

What are the Advantages of Oral Appliances?

The oral appliance is easier and more convenient to use than other standard therapies, which leads to increased compliance and greater treatment success. Unlike the CPAP which forces air into the patient’s airway and is not well tolerated by many patients, the oral appliance gently moves the lower mouth forward during sleep letting the patient breathe naturally.

Are Over-the-counter Appliances a Good Option?

Sleep apnea is a serious medical disorder, so proper treatment is important to the patient’s health. Because of this, custom-made oral appliances are always recommended over mail-order or over-the-counter devices for many reasons:

  • Custom devices are much more successful in treatment
  • Dental professionals use health grade materials in creating oral appliances
  • Oral appliance therapy requires short-term and long-term follow-up to assure proper treatment
  • Medical professionals need to monitor the patient’s physical response to the oral appliance

While the oral appliance is an effective treatment for many patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea, it is important that each patient only use devices specifically made for them by a dentist trained in sleep medicine.

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